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Transportation and Fleet Services

UC Commitment

  • Fleet: By 2025, zero-emission vehicles or hybrid vehicles shall account for at least 50 percent of all new light-duty vehicles acquisitions.
  • Commuting:
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to reduce its percentage of employees and students commuting by single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) by 10 percent relative to its 2015 SOV commute rates. By 2050, each location shall strive to have no more than 40 percent of its employees and no more than 30 percent of all employees and students commuting to the location by SOV.
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to have at least 4.5 percent of commuter vehicles be zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). By 2050, each location shall strive to have at least 30 percent of commuter vehicles be ZEV.


  • UC San Diego continues to leverage public funding to expand the campus electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As of June 2021, our campus has 300 ports that serve commuters and public travelers. Over the past four years, UC San Diego has become San Diego County’s largest multipurpose hub of EV charging plazas by delivering 2.5 GWH to more than 5,500 unique drivers.
  • In October 2921, UC San Diego launched a first-of-its-kind agreement with Ford Mobility companies to deliver and integrate sustainable transportation modes for the university’s 75,000 students, faculty and staff.
  • The UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley extension opened to the public on November 21, 2021, providing direct access to campus for students and employees who live throughout the region.
  • Chancellor Khosla joined UC San Diego’s Transportation team and friends on May 16 to celebrate the opening of the Hopkins Drive Bikeway. This separated and protected infrastructure helps calm traffic and create safer, more attractive transportation options for all riders.
  • UC San Diego Transportation Services has been working on a Department of Transportation federal grant that will allow the university to proceed with a critical investment in green infrastructure and provide a carbon-free, last-mile connection to cultural and coastal resources, along with the top-rated hospital in San Diego. Learn more about the grant. Show your support by signing this letter.
  • For the eighth consecutive year, SANDAG recognized UC San Diego for excellence in promoting alternative commuting choices with the iCommute Diamond Award – Platinum Level. Watch video.
  • UC San Diego launched VC-50 for Transit public transit pilot program in July 2022 to support campus sustainability efforts and provide employees savings.
  • For the eighth consecutive year, SANDAG recognized UC San Diego for excellence in promoting alternative commuting choices with the iCommute Diamond Award – Platinum Level.
  • Transportation Services introduced the UC San Diego EV Charging Club for faculty, students and staff to receive the best on-campus charging rates.

Take Action

According to the EPA, the U.S. transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. Learn more about the options for traveling to, from and around campus that have a lower environmental impact.

Campus Commuting Programs

Students, faculty and staff can choose from several commuting and transportation options to avoid driving and parking on campus, including public transit, carpooling, ride-matching, ridesharing and car-sharing. Learn more

Triton Commuter Club

The Triton Commuter Club recognizes and rewards your actions to reduce the traffic, parking and environmental impacts of driving alone. If you come to campus daily, learn and work from home, choose lower-impact modes every day, or mix up your commute, you can reduce your impact and earn rewards as a Triton Commuter Club member.

Rider Rewards Program

Affix a free Rider Rewards sticker to your favorite helmet, show it at participating merchants and receive a special Rider Rewards offer or discount.

Electric Vehicles

Approximately 350 people regularly commute to campus by electric vehicles. To encourage this shift and support the University of California’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative and vital campus research, UC San Diego works with dealerships to provide exclusive electric vehicle leasing and purchasing opportunities for students, faculty, staff and retirees. UC San Diego also has an expanding network of electric vehicle charging stations.


Our Sustainable Fleet

UC San Diego has one of America's greenest vehicle fleets. More than 60% of the campus vehicle fleet is hybrid, all-electric or operates on renewable fuels including renewable CNG and renewable diesel.

Logistics 2.0 Carbon Neutral Last-Mile Delivery

To offset the energy required to charge its heavy-duty delivery fleet, the Logistics 2.0 team is working with SDG&E and Chargepoint to install a gantry system at Logistics' Trade Street distribution hub, that when complete, will allow charging of seven medium-and heavy-duty trucks simultaneously. A fully electric fleet will decrease carbon emissions by an estimated 60 tons per year. Logistics 2.0 will further reduce carbon emissions by developing a scalable, robust, same-day, last-mile delivery model that aims to keep all third-party, carbon-emitting supplier vehicles off campus.

Cycle Paths

Continuous bicycle infrastructure improvement projects increase the feasibility of biking on campus. Dedicated pathways, added signage, enhanced lighting, improved drainage and lane repainting and dividers ensure that cyclists can commute safely.