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Alternative Transportation

UC Commitment

  • Fleet: By 2025, zero-emission vehicles or hybrid vehicles shall account for at least 50 percent of all new light-duty vehicles acquisitions.
  • Commuting
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to reduce its percentage of employees and students commuting by single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) by 10 percent relative to its 2015 SOV commute rates. By 2050, each location share strive to have no more than 40 percent of its employees and no more than 30 percent of all employees and students commuting to the location by SOV.
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to have at least 4.5 percent of commuter vehicles be zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). By 2050, each location shall strive to have at least 30 percent of commuter vehicles be ZEV.

Campus Commuting Programs

About 28,000 (57%) of commuters arrive on campus daily by foot, bike, vanpool, carpool, bus or something other than a single-occupant vehicle. Alternative transportation commuting saves nearly 48,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually (based on comparison to 100% single-occupant vehicle use).

Students, faculty and staff can choose from several commuting and transportation options to avoid driving and parking on campus. Many programs offer incentives or discount rates.

Public Transit


Pedal Club for campus bicycle commuters


Campus Mobility

  • Campus Shuttles: Free shuttles serve campus, medical centers and key points off campus.
  • Spin Bikesharing: GPS-equipped bikes offer convenient campus transportation at discounted rates.
  • ProRide for Faculty: This pilot program provides free, on-demand rides for faculty on the La Jolla campus.

Electric Vehicles

Approximately 350 people regularly commute to campus by electric vehicles. To encourage this shift and support the University of California’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative and vital campus research, UC San Diego works with dealerships to provide exclusive electric vehicle leasing and purchasing opportunities for students, faculty, staff and retirees.

UC San Diego also has an expanding network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Our Sustainable Fleet

UC San Diego has one of America's greenest vehicle fleets. More than 50% of our vehicles are hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicles.

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