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Michelle Perez

Energy and Sustainability Manager

Michelle has been with UC San Diego in various positions within Resource Management & Planning for over seven years. Currently, as Facilities Management’s Energy Engineer, Michelle is directly responsible for managing the university’s statewide energy program and for developing and implementing a variety of energy projects to ensure compliance with UC Office of the President’s Policy on Sustainable Practices and energy targets. 

Michelle earned her B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering at Northwestern University, holds a LEED AP O+M certification and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering. With her established energy management and sustainability background, Michelle has been involved in successfully managing numerous energy efficiency and LEED projects, both with the university and in the private sector.

Michelle works collaboratively to identify energy-related issues within existing facilities, propose solutions to improve efficiency and implement projects to realize these improvements. She also contributes to campus sustainability by participating in the Green Labs program, which focuses on educating researchers and reducing campus energy and water use.