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Jennifer Bowser

Sustainability Engagement Manager

Jennifer Bowser joined UC San Diego Sustainability in January 2016. Jen manages the Sustainability Resource Center, the campus’s hub for all things sustainability related.  She coordinates various outreach and educational programs for students and staff on the UC San Diego campus. She oversees several sustainability interns and their project areas, including Green Office Certification Program, Green Labs, UC San Diego’s Earth Month celebration, Sustainability Ambassadors and volunteers, and is advisor to the Inter-Sustainability Council and Grow at UCSD. Jen hosts the Annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony each May.

Prior to her career in sustainability, Jen was a Senior Accountant in UC San Diego’s General Accounting Department. She has been an active member of the Staff Sustainability Network since she began working at the university in October 2014. She was nominated as chair-elect in 2015, established a gift fund for increasing donor relations, created SSN’s Guide to Hosting Zero Waste Events, facilitates elections for vacant board positions and serves on the advisory board for awarding sustainability grants to staff.

Jen was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Western New England University. In 2014, she moved to San Diego from Boston, where she had worked in Financial Services at the Harvard School of Public Health. There, Jen revitalized the HSPH sustainability team, EcoOpportunity and co-chaired the group from 2009 to 2014. In addition to leading the team, she was responsible for its communications and waste reduction committees, recruitment of new members, identifying priorities, creating subcommittees and managing the budget. Jen received a Green Carpet Award in 2012 from Harvard's Office for Sustainability and the Harvard Hero Award in 2013 for her sustainability efforts at HSPH. During her time with EcoOpportunity, Jen implemented a reuse program for interoffice envelopes, ran a pilot for composting paper towels, conducted a biweekly sustainability presentation at HSPH New Employee Orientation, and distributed a monthly sustainability newsletter. 

Jen strives to protect our precious resources by advocating for more people to recycle, reuse and most importantly, reduce.

Jennifer was named 2016–17 Principal Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year. Watch the video.