2017 Sustainability Awards

In celebration of UC San Diego's Earth Month, the Advisory Committee on Sustainability will recognize individuals and groups that have made our campus more sustainable.

Award Winners

On behalf of the Advisory Committee on Sustainability, UC San Diego Sustainability proudly announces the 2017 UC San Diego Sustainability awardees:

  • Campus Vendor – My Green Lab
  • Department – Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions
  • Faculty – Dr. Seth Cohen
  • Staff – Alison Sanchirico
  • Student – Mukta Kelkar
  • Student Group – Food Recovery Network

Awards Ceremony

The Sustainability Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 15, 3:30–4:30 p.m. at The Loft Doors open at 3 p.m.; reception with refreshments follows at 4:30 p.m.

To attend, please RSVP by May 5.

Nomination Form

Nominations are closed.

Past Winners

2016 Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Natalia King
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Maitreyi Nagarkar
  • Outstanding Faculty: Leslie Lewis
  • Outstanding Staff: Chris Johnson
  • Outstanding Student Group: Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Outstanding Department: Early Childhood Education Center
  • Outstanding Individual: Baris Aksanli
  • Outstanding Collaboration: Ocean View Growing Grounds
  • Outstanding Campus Vendor: VWR

Read more about awardees.

Note: No awards presented in 2015

2014 Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Donald Zelaya
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Jeremy Turak
  • Outstanding Faculty: Dr. Tom Murphy
  • Outstanding Staff: S. Earl Kang
  • Outstanding Student Group: Ellie's Garden
  • Outstanding Collaboration: Preuss School & Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Outstanding Campus Food Vendor: Food Co-op

2013 Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Allison Platt
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Susan Kram
  • Outstanding Staff: Kim Kane
  • Outstanding Faculty: Dr. Lynn Russell
  • Outstanding Student Group: Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Outstanding Collaboration: Facilities Management Building Services & Landscape Services
  • Outstanding Collaboration: San Diego Biodiversity Project
  • Outstanding Food Vendor: Yogurt World
  • Outstanding Individual: Ronnie Das

2012 Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Students: Jessica Baltmanas and Annie Le
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Jennifer Hull
  • Outstanding Student Group: Neighborhood Community Garden
  • Outstanding Faculty: Yuvraj Agarwal
  • Outstanding Staff: Jerry Phelps
  • Outstanding Collaboration: USGBC Students of UCSD/SDSU

2011 Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Students: Allison Weston
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Andrew Markley
  • Outstanding Faculty: Prashant Bharadwa
  • Outstanding Staff: Kristin Hansen
  • Outstanding Department: HDH Food Scrap Recycling Program
  • Outstanding Student Group: Own Your Impact
  • Outstanding Student Group: UCSD Triathlon Team
  • Outstanding Academic Group: Media Services
  • Outstanding Individual: Sharmila Krishnamurty
  • Outstanding Collaboration: Sustainability Resource Center

2010 Winners

  • Outstanding Individual: Matt Finkelstein
  • Outstanding Collaboration: Latham & Watkins, Stone & Youngberg, Michael Gollner, Kevin Peng, Karl Olney, Ihab Kayhal
  • Outstanding Faculty: Robert Pomeroy
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Lindsay Hatch
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Anne Marie Ferruzzi
  • Outstanding Staff: Judy Keplinger
  • Outstanding Academic Group: Global Responsibility and Innovation Network (GRAIN)
  • Outstanding Student Group: Ecology Club
  • Outstanding Department: Surplus Sales

2009 Winners

  • Overall Individual: Bill Scripps
  • Faculty: Steve Kay, Kim Prather
  • Undergraduate students: Erika Kociolek, Ashley Ferrer
  • Graduate students: Kathy Lin, Melanie Zauscher
  • Staff: Martin Klein, Breda Walsh
  • Academic organization: GreenLight Project
  • Student organization: Environmental Science & Policy, Net Impact
  • Department: Early Care & Education Mesa Child Development Center, EH&S Green team

2008 Winners

  • Community Leader: Byron Washom
  • Leadership in Sustainability: Lisa Shaffer
  • Faculty: Jan Kleissl, Gabriele Wienhausen
  • undergraduate student: June Reyes
  • Graduate student: Meagan Moore
  • Staff: Jim Ruby, Christi Gilhoi
  • Student organization: Green Campus Program
  • Departments: Bookstore, Auxiliary & Plant Services Marketing & Communications

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