Sustainability Contacts

Check the list below for contacts in specific areas of sustainability at  UC San Diego.

Academics and Research

Environmental Systems undergraduate major (ESYS)
Jane Teranes, (858) 822-2099

Research inquiries
Sandra Ann Brown, Vice Chancellor Research, (858) 534-3526

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
Margaret Leinen, (858) 534-2827

UC San Diego Extension
Jeanmarie Bond, (858) 534-8135

Campus Committees & Groups

Campus Operations

Customer service and inquiries regarding energy evaluations, building maintenance and landscaping
Online Work Request or (858) 534-2930

Campus energy consumption, building systems, energy efficiency and equipment specifications
John Dilliott, (858) 822-2807

Carbon neutrality and building commissioning
Dave Weil, (858) 246-2588

Green building standards
Joel King, (858) 822-3719

Green printing and copying
Imprints, Sandra Ursic, (858) 534-8470

Housing, Dining, and Hospitality, including composting
Colin Moynihan, (858) 246-0730

Purchasing and procurement
Mark Ortiz, (858) 534-3091

Recycling and waste management
Charles Morgan

Strategic Energy Initiatives
Byron Washom, Director, (858) 869-5805

Green Transportation

Biofuel, alternative-fuel vehicles, and Model Shop Program, shuttle services
Greg Nishihira, (858) 822-4443

Commuting alternatives
Commute Solutions, (858) 534-7433

Electric Vehicle (EV) discounts, leasing offers and charging stations
Kevin Norris, (858) 534-0439