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William Landry

Project Management Intern, Zero Waste

William studies molecular biology and linguistics, and is a #MyLastTrash Student Fellow and Green Labs Program Intern for our department. He is currently responsible for developing and implementing zero waste solutions on campus, extending the reach of the UC-wide #MyLastTrash campaign, and forwarding the Green Labs Program.  #MyLastTrash is a University of California initiative that connects students to our goal of zero waste by 2020 and provides support for projects that approach this target. 

Since April 2017, William has worked with the Sustainability and Facilities Management Departments to develop UC San Diego's Zero Waste Plan, design an internship program in the lighting industry for students, build and execute an analysis system for Facilities Management's waste stream data, and forward various other campus sustainability projects. 

Outside of sustainability, William is passionate about supporting UC San Diego's innovation ecosystem, advocating for the protection of freedom of information and digital rights, and exploring the underlying mechanisms of powerful molecular technologies in the lab.

If you are interested in thinking critically about sustainability, or just curious about where your trash goes once it leaves your hand, send William an email!