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Alison Sanchirico

Fluency Development Program Coordinator

You’re the new membership chair of the Staff Sustainability Network. Why should UC San Diego staff join this association?

Joining a staff association is a great opportunity for meeting employees from all over campus. It provides an effective platform for networking, brainstorming, formulating plans and executing actions. With the Staff Sustainability Network, one can join other eco-passionate UC San Diego staff members to collaborate on sustainability efforts and have a positive impact on the campus and the community.

You were nominated as a “climate hero” as part of the Cool Campus Challenge. What does being a climate hero mean to you?

It means mitigating our at-risk planet’s changing climate needs to be a very collaborative effort. To me, a “climate hero” is one who incorporates more carbon neutral actions into their lifestyle than the “average” person, and one who advocates for the environment and sets a positive example for others about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

What motivates you personally to be engaged in sustainability? 

I feel that I am privileged, not entitled, to live on this planet and I consequently feel a responsibility to take care of it, for myself, others that I share it with, future generations and out of respect to Mother Nature. The declining state of our world’s natural environments and resources is undeniable and can be largely attributed to the human race. Fortunately, we do have the power to decrease our detrimental impact and I want to be part of the positive impact that we can have.