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Krista Mays

Sustainability Coordinator, Housing, Dining & Hospitality

How can students save money and reduce waste by reusing a cup or bag at HDH locations?

Bring your own reusable/travel mug to markets and get 20 cents off your drink. If you bring a reusable bag or use your backpack, you can get 5 cents off — only applies to purchases where you would otherwise need a bag, not for small items, like a bar. Also, lots of hydration stations are located throughout campus where you can get free filtered, chilled water. Visit to see the latest hydration station map.

What do you recommend as best practices for residents who want to live sustainably on campus?

  • Don’t get caught up in the latest trend. You end up wasting money on stuff you only use once.
  • Share. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but really, share stuff with your roommates.
  • Skip the to-go stuff. Sit down with friends and share a meal using “real” plates and silverware.
  • Reduce your impact:
    • Turn off lights, take shorter showers.
    • Reuse. Recycle. Buy recycled products.  Learn about what it takes to get “stuff” to you.
    • Ask yourself: “Who made it?” “How far did it travel? And, think about whether it’s really worth it. 

Who are the Econauts?

The EcoNauts are my student workers in Housing, Dining & Hospitality. Their job is to educate and inspire campus residents to live a more sustainable life while they’re here and hopefully learn some new habits to take with them when they leave.