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Jimmy Luong ’16

Environmental Engineering

Jimmy Luong ’16

Tell us about Engineers for a Sustainable World.

Engineers for a Sustainable World is a student-run organization whose mission is to bring communities together to develop, implement and share sustainable technologies and practices worldwide. We provide resources for UC San Diego students to create their own engineering projects, which focus on water and energy, resource management and solar technology. A significant part of ESW’s mission is to inspire younger generations to be more sustainable. Our largest community outreach event of the year is Student Sustainability Outreach Day, in which we invite freshmen and sophomore high school students to visit UC San Diego for a day of interactive workshops to teach them about the importance of sustainability. Are you interested? Students (and faculty) from any discipline are welcome to join our thriving community that will continue to make UC San Diego a greener place!

As ESW president, what has been one of your biggest achievements in the last year?

One of the most rewarding experiences from leading ESW is to see the excitement generated by students when they come up with their own organic ideas and find a way to see them to fruition. ESW now has twelve active projects, with one of our higher profile projects, the Solar Chill charging station at The Village, slated to finish within a few weeks. I’m most proud of the growth of our projects and community as a whole that we have achieved within the past few years. This could not have happened without the hard work and support of our Project Leads, Cabinet and Board of Project Directors. Shout out to them!

What drove you to pursue graduate school in civil/environmental engineering and why focus on water?

My interest in water resource management hits pretty close to home. I knew I had to do something about our water crisis when my dad, who is a suburban farmer in Los Angeles, called me one day and mentioned that the city had shut off the water supply to our crops because there was an unprecedented water shortage. That’s what drove me to study Hydrology and Water Resources in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA. The challenge of providing healthy, potable water for humans is not limited to southern California. It’s a global issue and there is not one solution that can address it. We’ll have to research and develop creative water management practices, more efficient filtration techniques, multi-stage water reuse, stormwater capture systems, passive collection methods—the list is endless! I look forward to developing the technologies that will create sustainable water resources for generations to come.