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Kyle Heiskala '15

Environmental Systems & Environmental Policy

Kyle Heiskala '15

You do a lot of sustainability-related work on campus: bike planning, Student Sustainability Collective, Graffiti Art Park. What first got you interested in these topics?

I have always seen the potential for change across campus. The opportunity to work on these various projects was there so I dove right in and never looked back. I have a passion for making positive change happen and will likely help out with nearly every project that comes my way, if I can. I have trouble saying no to such wonderful opportunities. 

You’re graduating this spring. What do you hope is your legacy?

I hope that my legacy goes beyond what I have accomplished to be a symbol of what is possible. I hope to inspire future student dreamers to know that students have a large impact and if they want to change something, ask questions to see how it can be done and then do it.

What personally motivates you to be involved in sustainability?

I am motivated by the idea that there is a better future without environmental destruction or global warming. I do my part because if we all do nothing, the idea of living peacefully in a sustainable world never has a chance to become a reality.