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Jennifer Bowser

Sustainability Program Coordinator

You received a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration and Accounting from Western New England College. Why switch to sustainability?

Sustainability has been my passion for most of my life. My father was a middle school science teacher and he taught me to appreciate my surroundings and value the precious resources our planet has to offer. I've had a great career in accounting for the last 15 years, however, I was given an amazing opportunity to co-lead a green team while working at Harvard and ever since then, I've wanted to work full-time in the sustainability field.

Name three goals or projects that you have in mind for the Sustainability Office?

My role as the Sustainability Program Coordinator focuses on students and staff outreach and engagement. My overall goals are to increase campus awareness about the university’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative, identify ways people can get more involved and provide resources to educate people about sustainability at UC San Diego.

You co-chaired the EcoOpportunity team at Harvard. What skillsets from that project are you bringing to UC San Diego’s sustainability team?

My experience with EcoOpportunity was extremely rewarding because it helped me sharpen my communication skills. I quickly realized that a single form of communication wasn't enough to reach all audiences. In addition to co-chairing the team, I volunteered to lead communications. As the Communications Chair, I worked with my team to identify various mechanisms for disseminating information, including email listservs, postering, word of mouth, Facebook and a monthly newsletter. Leading our communications efforts taught me how to partner with other groups on and off campus to accomplish common goals.