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Leanne Kao

Project Management Intern, Green Buildings

Leanne Kao is a fourth-year Environmental Engineering major focused on getting students involved in UC San Diego’s green building projects. She’s been with the Sustainability team since Fall 2017 and this year is focused on two major campus projects: 1) UC San Diego’s first Sustainable Building Policy, and 2) a basic building energy model for Birch Aquarium.

Leanne became interested in green buildings the summer before entering college, which led her to join a small project team called USGBC Students (now Green Building Council at UCSD) her freshman year, where she helped work on a LEED Master Site for the campus. Leanne believes it’s never too late to start learning about green building design and getting involved. So, if you’re interested in sustainable buildings, or in either of the projects listed above, don’t hesitate to email