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Our Team

See how our staff and students are making the world more sustainable. You can also read Profiles in Sustainability on our blog.



  • Katherine Hsu

    Katherine Hsu

    Communications Intern & Inter-Sustainability Council Outreach Chair

  • Bryant Jew

    Bryant Jew

    Project Management Intern, Renewable Energy Education Program
  • Leanne Kao

    Leanne Kao

    Project Management Intern, Green Buildings

  • Kathy Lam

    Kathy Lam

    Graphic Design Intern
  • William Landry

    William Landry

    Project Management Intern, Zero Waste
  • Aidin Massoumi

    Aidin Massoumi

    Project Management Intern, Green Office Certification

  • Ahan Mukhopadhyay

    Ahan Mukhopadhyay

    Green Events Intern & Inter-Sustainability Council Project Chair
  • Katie Oberman

    Katie Oberman

    Student Engagement Intern & Inter-Sustainability Council Chair
  • Meryl Press

    Meryl Press

    Sustainability Events Coordinator & Green Talks Chair
  • Kailyn Scott

    Kailyn Scott

    Sustainability Resource Center Intern