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Enid Partika

Carbon Neutrality Initiative Research Fellow

Enid Partika will expand her work on the BioEnergy Project through Engineers For A Sustainable World to design and construct an anaerobic biodigester and biogas purification system. Enid will test this system in collaboration with Roger's Community Garden. The resulting biogas energy stream can be used to generate renewable electricity that can be connected to an integrated renewable microgrid while the liquid and solid byproduct can be used to enrich compost and provide nutrients to the soil. This allows for more plants to grow and become carbon sinks, thus providing a truly carbon neutral alternative to the food production systems. In addition, the biogas generated will provide a prototype that will indicate how bienergy can fit into the larger electrical grid on the UC San Diego campus and allow UC San Diego to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality. Enid will do this in partnership with CNI Fellow Brian Dewaele-Dillon and Director of Campus Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality, Dave Weil to incorporate any carbon savings into the UC San Diego climate action plan update.