Ahan Mukhopadhyay

Green Events Intern & Inter-Sustainability Council Project Chair

Ahan is a #MyLastTrash Student Fellow and Green Events Intern. #MyLastTrash is a University of California initiative that connects students to the 2020 zero waste goal and provides support for projects that approach this target.

Ahan is responsible for developing the Green Events Program that endorses greener campus-wide student organization and staff hosted events. The program seeks to establish a comprehensive guideline for planning Green Events to achieve a win-win situation by reducing event costs and waste generation. He is also working on a Green Event Certification that will certify organizations fully capable of autonomously hosting Green Events. Ahan hopes that the Green Events Program will pave the way to zero waste events and bring the UC San Diego campus much closer to it’s zero waste goal.

Ahan is a second year international student from India studying Computer Science and Economics.  He is a tutor for  Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Project Chair for the Inter-Sustainability Council.

Apart from sustainability, Ahan is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and theatre. He enjoys watching and playing soccer, playing the piano and guitar and going to the beach.

If you are interested in learning more about the Green Events Program or discussing sustainability project ideas and how to advance them, email Ahan!